would you
do if you
became ill
and could
not work.

Insurance & Asset Protection

The biggest mistake investors make is not having enough insurance cover on things that really effect their wealth planning like death, major illnesses and loss of income. These things really effect your wealth accululation when they happen.  
Insurance Services We Provide:
Personal Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance - A lump sum payment to your family in the event of you or your partners death. payments can be made 12 months perior with a terminal illness.  
  • Critical Illness Insurance - A lump sum payment is made to you if you were tosuffer a major illness like a stroke, cancer, MS etc.  
  • Total and Permanent Disability- A lump sum payment is paid to your family if you became partly or totally disabled trough illness or accident.  
  • Income Protection Insurance - A monthly payment of up to 85% of your salary is paid to you if you were unable to work due to illness or accident.
Business Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Key Person Revenue Insurance
  • Business Expense Insurance
  • Business Succession
  • Business Loan Protection
We can also assist through our partners
  • Professional Indemity Insurance
  • Trades Cover
  • Mortage cover
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Accident Only Cover


of bankruptcies are a result of illness or disabilities​​

" my other adviser just sold me an insurance product,
help me understand my policy and what i'm covered for.
Ben M

" my partner had cancer, the insurance paid out early, this gave us quality time together with the kids for his last 12 months together. It was a blessing i didn't have to worry about the mortgage payments and other bills "
South Perth

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