Property Investment Coaching
Building a Portfolio of Investment Properties

Building a portfolio of investment properties is an ideal way to create wealth for retirement or even early retirement.
Research from AMP Capital and Russell Investments shows that Australian residential property has been the top performing asset
class over the long term.

If you don't like the volatility aspects of the share market, the property market may be the right investment vehicle for retirement solution. How we add value is to provide you with a strategy investment and tax plan to build your property portfolio.   

"If you invested $500,000 in BHP, there is nothing you can do to directly to influence the value of your investment, its all up to the company directors, however with an investment property, you can influence the value of your investment by doing small or major renovations, block spliting, or adding additional accomodation. When the companies are having a hard time they will cut share dividends which you have no control, with an investment property you control the rental income."

There are risk and benefits with any investment, that is why it is cruicial to get appropriate advice.

Shares vs Property

Our property coaching services: 
First Home Buyer Program: 
  • Comprehensive financial review
  • Cashflow analysis and budegeting
  • Insurance Review
  • Debt Management and Reduction Strategy

Wealth Creation 
  • Investment Strategy Plan
  • cashflow analysis
  • Property Investing education
  • Tax Structure and CGT Planning
  • Develop a Contingency Plan and exit Strategy
  • What type of property to invest
  • Cashflow positive strategies

Property Development

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